Firm Culture

Your building or facility must do more than house people or equipment. It must meet your immediate needs and facilitate developments in the future while achieving the desired design aesthetic. It should address the way you operate as well as the way you'd like to operate. Above all, it must work as a viable environment, for you and everyone associated with your company.

That demands a design firm that asks questions and explores deeper. A firm that can see your project as a whole, yet focus on the details. At APMI, we think those are critical skills in designing the right project for you. We go beyond the expected ways of thinking and doing things to provide more responsive service. Specifically, that means everything from researching your operations to partnering with you on a higher level. Our key people are intimately involved on every project, which gives you the kind of personal attention that goes beyond the conventional.

APMI understands that the overall approach to a project is critical to the ultimate success. We believe in a true collaborative team approach that includes the client, design team, contractor, and the final users of the space or building. APMI brings to each project the design experience and critical skill necessary for the successful design, planning, management and execution of each project.

Our extensive experience will result in a coherent, well organized project that fulfills our client’s current needs and accommodates future growth.

APMI Firm Culture